Wednesday, 6 May 2015

BMW airhead exhaust cut open

If you plan to cut open and customize your BMW silencer, this is what you can expect to find inside.


  1. Hello and thanks for the pics.

    HOW did you disassemble the exhaust after cutting the end? Said with other words: how did you disengage the three small pipes from the start of the exhaust??

    Cheers from Denmark

  2. You can pull them out, thay are not welded, it is just a tight fit.

  3. Awesome pics! Can you give me a little info on the first pic, what are we looking at there? Is that looking up the larger center baffle/pipe?

    Also, do you happen to remember how all those line up in reference to the BMW logo on the back of the muffler? I'm planning to drill some holes in the back of my mufflers to give them a little more bark (read about this trick on a number of Airhead sites). Would love to know how it all lines up so I can plan my holes accordingly.


  4. Just what ive been looking for
    Thank you